Episode 2

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We spent Saturday of Fathers Day Weekend anchored in the Cove with some great friends celebrating, well whatever, friendship, Fathers Day and whatever else we could think of.

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Episode 8

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Wrap up the year, plans for 2019

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I have reminded of late the term honor and how much it may or may not be as evident as it once was. With the recent passing of President Bush and all the media around it it strikes me odd the way the word honor is freely peppered into pretty much every broadcast you hear or see. Make no mistake, President Bush was a man of Honor in my opinion, however the term is used to loose and freely these days I wondered if Americans really understand the term.

I Googled the term Honor, and the first return was in fact the definition I would agree most appropriate:

High respect



A women’s chastity or her reputation for this,,,,,,,,,,,,, what? Ok I get it


An Ace, King, Queen or Jack,,,,,,, didn’t know that

Then I see

Honor Official Store (USA),,,,,,,, so you can buy Honor? I pressed the link, who knew there is a smart phone called an Honor?

Then I do see the definition of Honor per the Merriman Webster Dictionary which very eloquently spells out what I described above.

Then I see per Wikipedia the term Honour, which describes ones own honor as a human and a place in society, and I would agree with that.

But my point is to deserve Honor you have to live life a certain way, one deed does not make a person Honorable, it’s a lifestyle.

To me living with honor is having respect for those around you, understand the differences in culture and embrace what you can from that culture however do not push your culture on another, if they like yours they will assimilate. Respect the rules laws and values of your community, have passion for what you do whether it be work or play. Chivalry is not a dead concept, hold the door for a lady, respect the elder and help where you can, reach out to someone in need and offer assistance if you can, don’t look down upon people that may not be doing as well as you, you may someday be there. Treat our earth with the same respect and dignity you do your own house, we are stewards here, save some earth for your grandkids. Honor your veterans, no one likes war, some people heed to some sort of calling inside for one reason or another to protect and defend, its not for everyone, but thankfully it is for some. Last but not least respect the sanctity of family, it is difficult at times for sure, but family is what keeps our culture strong and vibrant, once you start selling family short you cheapen it’s effect on society, the wolves start to take over, and we don’t want to go down that rabbit hole.

So President Bush in my opinion you did it right, from Naval service to public service to God and family you have made a generation proud and I salute and Honor you. May our future leaders look to your life as reference for our country in the years to come.




It would seem life would be a whole lot smoother without emotion, but then emotion is what makes us human along with compassion, remorse, doubt, fear and all those other fine qualities we humans possess. This year at least as far as we a concerned our emotions are riding a roller coaster of ups and downs. We are support of friends of ours who are dealing with a particularly tricky form of cancer in one of their children, and we have suffered loss within our circle of friends that is difficult to grasp. On the other hand we are attending the wedding of very dear friends of ours in June and we have our own sons wedding December this year we are planning for. Our emotions are riding the peaks and troughs of a great wave we have no control over, however I believe time as it passes somehow prepares one for the greatest challenge of all, life.

To feel emotion adds both joy and pain at times as a bit of a pinch on the butt to let us know we are here for a brief time, we do need to pay attention and enjoy the moments where things seem to be going our way, and brace for those moments when they are not. We stand in support of our brothers and sisters through these ups and downs and celebrate or console as family, that is what makes us human.

I look at it this way, I am at the point in life where I realize I am not going to have a million or two in the bank for retirement, I am not going to own a super yacht nor a fast airplane to visit neighbors or foreign lands. Some do have that and I wonder if that reality truly touches their soul or is it so plastic they never truly feel emotion on a fundamental level. I am truly happy with how things are in my life and would not trade it for anything, I would not do it over any differently. I have a great family, great friends, some fairly nice belongings I work hard to maintain, I feel pain when necessary and feel joy as much as I possibly can, i think that is all you can ask for.

Emotion often defines us, it keeps us in check if we stray to far one way or the other, it keeps us both humble and positive.

For our friends dealing with illness, we love you, we support you, we have your backs and we will all stand together very soon on the bow of the boat and have a toast to another day on our beautiful planet together and our future as family.

For our friends you have passed, we enjoyed your company, are pained it passed so quickly but we are thankful we spent time together on this journey, fair winds.

And to our children about to make the biggest commitment of ones life. We stand firm, tall and proud with you, the emotions of life crest on this wave we are riding as we soar into the future together as family, and as friends. We mark this time as our generations moment in eternity saying we are here, we are together, and we are now.



I would be remiss if I did not reflect a bit on the recent Space X achievements of the past week. You see, I am a Space Geek, there I have finally said it. This has been weighing heavy on my mind since I was 6 years old. I am pretty sure I was the only kid in the 1963 North East Md Halloween parade dressed as John Glenn, it was a silver suit with a plastic John Glenn mask, it didn’t fit very well I remember but I was so proud to wear it. I thought quite possibly every kid in America held John Glenn as a hero. We gathered around the TV for the next 8 years watching in amazement as first the giant Redstone rockets took off then mighty Saturn 5 rockets eventually carrying man to the moon. We gathered again as a family to watch Neil Armstrong take the first step for mankind onto the moon, I still hold that moment vividly in my mind.

I think looking back I am just about the perfect age for the whole space exploration, race etc. As a matter of fact it was a great time for science as a whole I believe, President Kennedy had laid the gauntlet to land and return man from the moon by the end of the decade, the Russians were running neck and neck with us in their own space flight efforts, the Mercury 7 were hero’s of all kids, and the nation as a whole cast their eyes to the stars.

I became interested in Astronomy around the age of 10, I saved my money and for Christmas that year I chipped in with my parents to buy a Mt Palomar 4 1/4″ reflecting telescope from Edmunds Scientific in New Jersey. At one point my mother who saw my interest took me to The Franklin Institute to meet one of the staff Astronomers and peer through the telescope ( I discovered nothing) and marvel at the equipment they had in the observatory. At that time MT Palomar Observatory in California had the largest reflecting telescope in the world at 200″ in diameter. Now the largest, The Gran Telescopio Canarias in the Canary Islands is 409″,,,,,,,,,,,wow!!! We lived in a corner of my Grandfathers farm (still do) and my friends Bob and Don Warfield help me convert an old pig pen into an observatory and science lab. We would flop the tin roof back and watch Orion rise high in the winter sky. One night we were inventing some sort of liquid concoction, it caught on fire, we put it out in time but that was pretty much it for our science lab.

I went from there to being the President of our Space Science Club in high school under the leadership of our planetarium teacher Miss Chamblee. We had a great little group, holding night viewing sessions on the roof with the school’s two 6″reflecting scopes, we held class sessions in the planetarium for visiting younger classes from the county, held a couple of parents open house evenings and learned a great deal we no longer have planetariums in the county, they dismantled the two we had, what a shame!

I studied the night sky endlessly, around the same time I bought my first Tom Swift book entitled Tom Swift and his Rocket Ship. Tom at that point would have been just a few years older than me, and instantly I had someone I thought I could model my life after. You see to me science holds all the wonder and mystery a young mind seeks, its adventure, its challenge, its beauty but I guess looking back I just wasn’t quite smart enough to achieve what I wanted via college. I still read my Tom Swift books periodically, takes me back to a simpler time.

So we jump from there to present day, the Falcon X rocket, largest in this generation, watching that lift off reminded me of the Saturn 5 lifting off from Pad 39 of yesteryear. An amazing site, and the fact that they land the engines back on the cape to be reused again blows my mind, just like Tom Swift! Although the center engine could only for one of its three landing engines and was lost at sea it is still an amazing feat. Elon Musk and his team of engineers have now taken the place of Tom Swift in my mind, this guy has the mind of a true explorer and I feed on his enthusiasm. And the pictures of Starman in his red Tesla Roadster cruising through space takes my breath away, that first live picture I viewed sits beside the image of Neil Armstrong stepping onto the moon in my mind, one grainy in black and white, one sharp and colorful, both pivotal moments in my life.

I’m excited, I’m enthused, I’m overjoyed, I am a space geek, and I am proud!

Pacem in Terris

PS, Starman is blasting David Bowie full volume from the car stereo, there is no air in space therefore no sound waves to vibrate therefore no sound, sorry